About GovBrief

GovBrief provides a professional platform for communicating directly with key stakeholders using an educationally based, step-by-step process. Whether you are with government or industry, you can get your message directly to the people that matter most using a clear, concise GovBrief exclusive process. Focusing on key government initiatives, regulations and standards, GovBrief presents you as the subject matter expert with the information relevant to key decision makers in government programs, contracting and industry.

Our Objective…

No More Death By PowerPoint

Govbrief was born out of necessity – Keep people conscious when presenting online and make them want the information you have. The fact is, we all want to gain knowledge from experts in their respective fields but we pretty much all hate presentations. GovBrief was created to answer the “why’ people should care about government regulations and procurement while keeping engaged with interactive polls, story telling and face to face interaction.

Meet the Team…

Dave Lowe

GovBrief Founder & Host
CEO isiFederal, LLC

Adam MacDermott

Production Manager

Aisha Haleem

Operations Manager

Chris Wagner

Market Essentials Research

Desiree Johnson

Customer Engagement & Follow-up

Cory Smith

Customer Engagement & Follow-up

Next Steps…

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